We aim to provide an easy going friendly atmosphere for you to learn, grow and enjoy.
Our Salsa dance classes are fun and informative incorparating good solid technique.

Salsa for couples 2014
Cross Body Lead / New York Style Salsa




Footloose Dance Academy
Aspen Dri (Back of Asda Spondon)
DE21 7SS
7.45pm New Beginners
8.30pm Improver / Intermediate On1
9.30pm Mambo /Cha Cha Cha On2



Available for private tuition. Call Simon - 07977 491272


Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions about salsa.
Contact us if you need further advice or help.

Q: What if I’ve never danced before?
A: Great, take a chance, get out the house, meet people, you won't regret it. Join our next Beginners course. Couples that dance together... stay together!

Q: Do I have to pre book?
A: Regular Beginners courses run throughout the year. Click on 'classes' for details. If you are not a beginner call Simon 07977 491272 to discuss which level you should attend.

Q: What do I wear?
A: We want you to be be relaxed, so wear something you are comfortable in...just come casual.

Q: What do I wear on my feet?
A: Shoes that support the ankle with a smooth sole are suitable as turning is involved. No trainers, flip-flops or open back shoes.
This is a dance studio so no stiletto heels ladies. Gents no dirty shoes. (We have to protect the dance floor)
Thank you.

Q: Can I come on my own or do I need a partner?
A: If you come on your own you will be paired with someone who is at the same level as yourself. If you are a couple it’s great to develop together so bring your other half.

Q: Is it hard to learn?
A: As long as you can count from one to eight and know your left from your right, we’ll be able to teach you. The rest as they say, is up to you, just come and have fun.

If you're reading this and still wondering whether Salsa dancing is for you...don't worry, it is!!