Simon Taylor aka Mr Mambo (UKA) founded Flip & Bounce Promotions in May 2001 with an aim to promote salsa dancing and events.

Simon first discovered Salsa through a school friend and fellow kick boxer who tried to invite him to classes several times before eventually he thought “why not?” and was hooked from that point on.

6 months later he taught his first salsa class to over 50 people in Derby this experience planted a seed and encouraged him to progress further.

Simon launched his first salsa class in Howden Yorkshire to establish his teaching style the class was very popular so much so he opened another in Goole. These days Simon concentrates on the East Midlands Salsa scene… Derby.

Since 2001 Simon has been promoting Flip & Bounce Party nights bringing some of the best teachers & performers in the UK to Derby. From 2005 - 2007 Simon has organised some of the most popular party nights in Derby's largest venue the Assembly Rooms, promoting bands and artists such as Salsology -Mushi & Emma, Mauro & Eva, Alchemy Dance Co - Marchant & Devina, Robert Charlemagne, Alex Wilson, Luis Lema, Leon Rose and more.

Salsa dancing is a great way to keep fit, stay healthy and promotes a feel good factor. It is virtually impossible to dance to Salsa/ Mambo without feeling good. In fact Simon can testify personally to this. In July 2008 he suffered an Aortic Aneurysm and underwent life saving major heart surgery. Simon spent five weeks in hospital and because of his level of fitness he was able to return to dancing 14 weeks after being discharged. This is a testament to how dancing can help to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Flip & Bounce Promotions aims to cater for the absolute salsa beginner to the seasoned dancer, teaching sound basics but also the latest techniques.

If you are looking for a teacher that teaches sound basics, has a passion for passing on knowledge then look no further call Simon: 07977 491 272