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Simon Says...

Its Time To Learn Salsa!! Salsa class in Derby.
Salsa for couples

Welcome to Flip & Bounce Promotions, weekly Salsa classes, dance events in Derbyshire and the East Midlands, UK.

Flip & Bounce Promotions, run by Simon Taylor aka Mr Mambo (UKA qualified) who has a passion for teaching this wonderful dance form and aims to bring Salsa dancing to the masses in and around Derby & the East Midlands. We currently in 2014 focus our Salsa classes in Derby.

Partner dancing is definitely on the rise bringing together people of all backgrounds, age & gender. Everyone can learn to dance... get fit. YES, even you with two left feet!



Footloose Dance Academy
Kedleston House/Prime Business Centre
Aspen Dri (Back of Asda Spondon)
DE21 7SS
7.45pm New Beginners
8.30pm Improver / Intermediate
9.30pm Mambo /Cha Cha Cha On2

£5.00 per session £8.00 for couples


Benefits of dancing salsa:

  • Maintains fitness
  • Relieves stress
  • Easy to learn
  • Great social scene
  • "Credit Crunching" cheap night out

So if you're a salsa Beginner, Improver or Intermediate we have classes to cater for your needs.

So what is Salsa dancing all about?

The term "Salsa" is the Spanish word for sauce. Like any sauce it consists of many flavours and ingredients. Salsa dancing has its origins in Africa & Cuba other influences were later fused and the comercial name "Salsa" was used to gel all these different styles together. There are many regional styles also however In the UK we tend to concentrate on the following styles:

New York Style Salsa is where partners swap positions in a straight line using a Cross Body Lead. This can be danced On1 or On2 (Mambo) and has more emphasis on shines (solo footwork)

Cuban Style Salsa is where partners travel around each other in a circular motion. Another form of cuban style is "La Rueda" meaning the wheel can also be danced in a group.

Other Latin dance styles

In the last few years ‘Bachata’ from the Dominican Republic has grown in popularity around the world as it is easy to learn & quite sexy!

The Cha Cha Cha is danced on On2 but in the salsa world (as opposed to the ballroom) is danced in a more relaxed fashion.

We run courses in all styles but specialize mainly in New York style On1& On2. We look forward to you joining us.

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